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27 September 2006


Jesus Camper

Dear Happy King,

I came across your site today when I was googling something about homeschooling. I was impressed by your thorough note taking during Jesus Camp. My family is a pretty big part of the film. Levi is my son and my wife Tracy is the woman who is shown home-schooling. We are also the family that visits Ted Haggard’s church (I didn’t know much about him either until the film crew asked us to visit there.) The girl Rachael is in my congregation. I am a pastor (as well as a Reservist like Tory’s father).

I would love to chat about the movie a little. The movie shows so many things that are out of context. Many of those things I would never show people in a 30 second blip without giving it context. Becky’s comment about Harry Potter, for instance, I find myself trying to explain quite often. It comes across as violent, but Becky is not for violence and neither are we. She regrets the statement because she really isn’t against Harry Potter, she was trying to let the kids know that witchcraft itself is not something God condones. I could discuss that one further.

When Becky (and us) talk about laying down our lives for Christ, we are not talking about dying or killing anyone. It is a giving up of your selfishness to live for Jesus, love people and do as much good as possible. This theme doesn’t come out very well in the movie because the filmers just used sound bytes that they knew would rile people up. All the talk of love and forgiveness and healing were not included in the movie. The only time laying down our lives for Christ involves death is if we happen to be martyred (or if we do something like drown trying to rescue someone). None of the kids were ever confused about anything Becky said along these lines. They knew that they were not to go out and kill themselves or others.

Thanks for letting me chime in.


Thank you for commenting, Jesus Camper (and my apologies for the delay in 'approving' it -- 'life' has been hectic here).

Despite my concerns about the film, I wasn't happy to hear about the vandalism at the camp. It must have saddened the children to find out that a place they enjoyed had been ruined by others.


The movie Jesus camp left me speechless, and disgusted. Those kids are so brain washed..I'm so happy I had a normal childhood!

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